Pansit Molo



  1. Mix first 5 ingredients and fill the wonton wrappers (about 1 round teaspoonful in each wrapper)
  2. Reserve any extra pork mixture
  3. Saute garlic in hot oil until golden brown
  4. Take out and reserve about half of garlic to add to the cooked soup later
  5. Add onion and continue sauteing for a couple of minutes
  6. Add the unwrapped extra pork mixture and continue sauteing for a minute or two
  7. Add chicken broth
  8. When it's almost boiling, add filled wrappers
  9. Continue cooking and add flaked, cooked chicken and shrimps
  10. Let boil for a few more minutes until done
  11. Fill bowls with the soup and garnish with cooked garlic and green onions
  12. Serve hot!
  13. **Variation - the soup can be cooked with evaporated milk just like sopas.**