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The Potter's Hands

G               D/F#

Beautiful Lord, wonderful Saviour

C               Am7(b5)/Eb         Em7

I know for sure all of my days are held in Your hand.

Asus      A/C#    Am7/D   D

Crafted into Your perfect plan.


G                  D/F#

You gently call me into Your presence

C             Am7(b5)/Eb        Em7

Guiding me by Your Holy Spirit, teach me dear Lord.

        Asus      A/C#  Am7/D        D

To live all of my life  through your eyes.


Em                   D/F#

I'm captured by Your holy calling

G               C/G         G   D/F#  Em

Set me apart, I know You're drawing   me to Yourself

Em/A    G/A   A/C#  Am7/D   D

Lead me Lord, I      pray.


G        D/F#     Am7     Bm/E  Em7

Take me, mold me, use me, fill  me,

  F            C/E    Am/E  Em7   Am7   Am7/D  D/F#

I give my life to the Pot - ter's hand.

G        D/F#      Am7             Bm/E  Em7

Call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside  me

  F             C/E    Am/E  Em7   Am7   Am7/B  Dsus  D  (G)

I give my life, to the Pot - ter's hand.